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Bear is a man who is famous for survival expeditions and survival clothing, knives and gear. Years ago, Bear Grylls was in a parachuting accident and broke his back in three places. Against all odds he fought his way to recovery, and two years later entered the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest aged only 23. He has since led ground-breaking expeditions across the world and worked closely with Craghoppers to develop the Official Bear Grylls Survival Clothing range.

Not many people know it, but Bear Grylls' real name is actually Edward Michael Grylls. Bearis an old nickname provided by his siblings. Edward Grylls may not be as cool, macho or as branding friendly as Bear, but the man still deserves respect for his survival skills and of course for reaching the summit of Mount Everest. Not only that, but Bear does lots of work and fund raising for charity and inspires millions of young people across the globe to put away the games console and get outdoors. In fact, Bear was named as the UK's Chief Scout, and at the age of 34 he was the youngest ever person to hold the position.
"I feel hugely honoured to be asked to take up this role as Chief Scout - it really is a dream come true," Bear said. He also aims to inspire more adults to volunteer as leaders, so the 33,000 young people currently on waiting lists can join Scout groups. Having conquered such terrain as Everest and the Sahara Dessert Grylls knows that survival is only possible with the right gear, such as his world renowned Survivor Trousers!

Bear Grylls Clothing and Gear

Bears exploits on screen have made him a much talked about hero, but it's his range of clothing and gear that has reach wanted status on most outdoor adventurer's list of essential travel and survival gear.Bear Grylls clothing Range is a collaboration between Craghoppers an the famous English survival expert Bear Grylls. Bear Grylls clothes are packed with essential technology to help your survival in the wilderness, including innovative world first's such as NosiLife, the permanent built-in insect repellent. The main star of the show in the Bear Grylls clothing range are The Survivor Trousers. The polyamide material used for these pants are very light- weight and extremely fast drying. These combat pants protect against the dangers from the sun's UV rays as well as natures more dangerous insects and biting bugs. There are many Bear Gylls Clothes, Bear Grylls Books and lots of Bear Grylls DVDs available including the most famous Man Vs Wild Series. More recently Bear has also endorsed a range of Gerber Bear Grylls knives.

On 26th of May 2011 Bear did admit live on BBC Radio one that quite recently he was so scared sliding down a glacier he literally soiled his pants. Nice to know he is still human like the rest of us then!


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